Bellacane - Non Embroidered with Options


An EXTREMELY versatile dress. A tailored, over-vest style dress that is easy to wear, very comfortable and very flattering. It has lacing at the lower back for some adjustability and a lace up closure front. 
The ways it can be worn are endless. It can be worn with a full length Wench Chemise (as shown), or a Basic kirtle, which are our recommendations. Or it can also be worn with a corset and skirt if you want to keep your cleavage visible. Or LARPers can wear it with a chemise and tights - or on hot days a tank top and tights. Just about anyway you'd like!!! 

  • Made of a 100% cotton twill and  is machine washable.
  • Shown here with our Wench Chemise with full length option with the green dress. To see how this garment looks with our Basic Kirtle and embroidery, see our Celtic Bellacane.
  • Shown here with optional side slits. To add please choose option above.
  • For a very high class outfit, please check out our Noble Bellacane.
  • Also great for pregnant ladies, because it should still fit after the pregnancy!!!
  • Chainmaille belt provided by
  • Washable cotton Velveteen is available. Please inquire first for velveteen color availability and current pricing.
  • Sleeve options ( either sewn in or tie on - angel sleeves, fitted sleeves, cuffed sleeves, etc) are available as well, contact us for more details.
  • Length Options - Full length is shown on the green and purple dresses. The 3/4 length is shown on the black dress. Short option would come to just about mid thigh, with not too much flare.
  • Custom sizing is advisable for this item. To ensure a proper fit, please give us your Measurements.