Wench Skirt - Celtic Border, and Plain


    Our Wench skirt is a box cut style skirt. This is a great basic staple for anyone. Perfect for a starter or budget outfit. Very comfortable and easy to wear. It has a drawstring and elastic waist for a wide range of size adjustability. There is an option for hidden side seam pockets for stashing goodies! 

    The Border or Celtic Skirt has hand screened knotwork in a permanent fabric ink dye. It is still machine washable. Same fit and cut as the Wench skirt. 

  • Made of 100% cotton fabric and is machine washable.
  • This skirt is a "One Size Fits Most". If you have a waist or hips over 70 inches in circumference, this garment will not fit you comfortably.
  • The skirt has an elastic and drawstring closure waistband for comfort. 
  • Border skirts are pictured here in our Royal Blue cotton with white diamond knot screening and the bottom picture is our Forest Green fabric with white sweetheart knot screening. The red and black outfit is shown here with our 3 Piece Chemise, Tea Leaves bodice and boots.
  • Your choice of lengths. Need something shorter or longer? Let us know!
  • Skirt Keepers are a good way to keep your skirts out of the mud, or show off many layers of skirts.