Crownguard Pant / Celtic Crownguard Pant


    Our Crownguard pant has a dashing slash of color on the side. The color slash looks best when it is the same color as your shirt or slash on your Crownguard Tunic.  It is a full cut pant with a relaxed fit. Comfier than your favorite pair of sweatpants, but lightweight. 

    Our Celtic Crownguard Pant has a slash of color on the side with Celtic knotwork on it. The color slash is hand screened with a permanent fabric dye to produce the knotwork.  The knotwork comes standard in black. 

  • The waistband is elastic back and drawstring front for maximum comfort.
  • Made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.
  • Bottom of pant has an encased elastic cuff.
  • Our Thigh High Boots worn here, are scrunched down to show off the color slash. They can be worn higher or lower, as you desire.
  • These pants are available only in black or brown fabric. Other color options for fabric are available by Special Order. Special Orders MAY result in additional costs.
  • Pockets and belt loops can be added for additional fees. Please choose from the options above.
  • Looks great when paired with our Crownguard Tunic.