Tartan Circle Skirt



4/8/2017 - Our fabric manufacturer is "redoing" the available tartan fabrics. We will be unable to order new tartans until the end of 2017. We currently have in stock, only the two tartans in the pictures. The Blackwatch is also in a smaller set, than shown on the model - see close up of Blackwatch pattern with ruler.  We will try to keep this page as updated as possible. Thank you for your patience. 

    This full, and I do mean FULL, circle skirt is made of a washable poly-cotton blend fabric for a smooth, silky, swishy feel. It takes over 8 yards of fabric to make this full circle skirt! This skirt flares out when you spin, better make sure you have your bloomers on! Flirty or formal, all depends on how you wear it!! This skirt looks as good in the workplace as it does at the Festivals!!

  • One size fits most. Up to 48" waist. Larger sizes available by Special Orders.
  • This garment is machine washable, made of a poly/cotton blend. 
  • The tartan pattern is woven, not printed onto the material, so topside of fabric looks the same as the underside. 
  • The skirt has an elastic and drawstring waistband for comfort. 
  • Standard approx. 36" length only. Longer lengths are available by Special Order for a higher cost. Contact us for more information.
  • Listed tartan colors are the main colors in the skirt, there may be other colors in the tartan. 
  • VERY limited Tartan fabrics available. You can inquire if we have yours, but truthfully, we most likely won't have it. 
  • Hidden side seam pockets are very handy!!
  • Skirt Keepers are a good way to keep your skirts out of the mud, or show off many layers of skirts.
  • Our garments are not massed produced.  Each one is hand made to your specifications here in the USA and our quality takes time.  This means it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get your order to you.  July through November orders may run over 8 weeks due to our show schedule.   Occasionally we can manage rush orders or may have items in stock, please contact us before ordering.  Thank you for taking this into consideration when placing your order.