Tribal Wing Bodice


This Bodice features a pair of Tribal Wings embroidery. Very fun, but not historically accurate. Why wear a pair of 3-D wings that catch on everything and everyone? Ours is much more comfortable and easy to move around in. 

Our bodices are a garment that provides lift and support, without the confining full boning of a corset. They help to create that much sought after hourglass figure and are staple item to add to any wardrobe.  Our Bodice is fully reversible, effectively two bodices in one!! Please note main color choice on order form, " liner" side comes standard in black. Different "liner" color options may be requested after ordering.   As with all our bodices, it is made of heavy, washable cotton twill. There is boning next to the lacing to avoid unseemly bunching. Our seams won't split and our grommets won't give out. All seams are reinforced to withstand the rigors of wenching.  

  • Made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.
  • Your choice of color combinations. Shown here in Black fabric and Red embroidery.
  • Lacing comes standard in the front. The other lacing options are available in addition to the front lacing. 
  • Shown here with our Peasant Chemise (no longer available), Lady Bracers, Split Front Skirt and Peasant Skirt.
  • To ensure a properly fitted garment, please give us your Measurements in the Special Instruction.