Wench Chemise - all Styles- Lace, Merchant - No EMB


A Chemise is an essential, historical garment, worn by just about every woman regardless of her station or class level. Perfect for under a bodice, wench belt (as shown here), worn alone or with other garments.  Our version has a small ruffle along the neckline and cuffs.  This chemise can be worn on or off the shoulder.  


A fancier chemise to be worn under your Bodice. Our chemise is made out of a lightweight cotton fabric for the body with a long sleeve made of lace. Lace was always a sign of wealth. Perfect for hot events.  Whenever possible we choose the softest lace available, but our choices may not be soft enough for some. Feel free to request a small sample of the lace, if desired.  Lace patterns will vary. 


It features a small delicate lace on the ruffle at the neck and sleeve edge. A nice feminine touch for an otherwise basic garment. Lace patterns will vary. 

  • Made of 100% cotton material and is machine washable.
  • Available in white, off white or black fabric. Other fabric colors may be had by Special Order.
  • Elastic wrist and neckline is standard, but drawstrings are available as an alternative. Our quality level is indicated by the fact that we encase our elastic with fabric - we do NOT stitch the exposed elastic directly onto the fabric.
  • Full length version is available for an additional $15. The full length version is a perfect compliment for under our Froca or for added layers under skirts. Historically, full length chemises also doubled as nightgowns.
  • Available with knotwork as our Celtic Wench Chemise.