Noble Bellacane Overdress - Celtic
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Noble Bellacane Overdress - Celtic


This outfit has that "WOW" factor, without losing any comfort when wearing it. The overdress is a tailored, over-vest style dress that is easy to wear, very comfortable, and very flattering. It has lacing at the lower back for some adjustability and a clasp closure front for more flair. It comes in a cotton velveteen fabric that is machine washable, though we do recommend dry cleaning to keep the garment as pristine as possible. This dress would make a great semi-casual wedding dress or mother's dress. Wear the dress a little less formally by leaving the neck of the Celtic Noble Lady Shirt untied. 

The embroidery runs the full length of the front edges of the dress. There are roughly 24 separate embroideries on the dress, this may vary with the length of the dress. The front section of the dress is lined to protect the embroidery, and so when the hem kicks open, you don't see the rough backside of the embroidery. 

We recommend the Noble Bellacane dress to be worn with the Celtic Noble Lady Shirt, as pictured here. The shirt is sold separately. If you are looking for more versatility we recommend our plain Bellacane. Our plain Bellacane can be worn in many different ways and is an EXTREMELY versatile dress. 

***The Noble Bellacane is the overdress only. Underdress is NOT included.***


  • Silver clasps are standard. If a gold or light gold embroidery color is chosen, gold clasps will be used.
  • Also great for pregnant ladies, because it should still fit after the pregnancy!!!
  • Please inquire before ordering for velveteen color availability. Please email us.
  • Sleeve options ( either sewn in or tie on - angel sleeves, fitted sleeves, cuffed sleeves, etc) are available as well, contact us for more details.
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  • Our Size Chart and Fabric Color Charts are here if you need them. Remember, we can always do Custom sizing!!
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