Surcoat - Custom


An Online Exclusive!!!! (we do not carry this item at shows)This is a Custom Made item - to your needs and specifications. 

We offer many options for these Surcoats - Solid or open sides, straight hem or angled hem, optional splits, embroidered or appliqued, fully lined or single layer- it all depends on your budget! 

Typically they are fully lined, with the lower half split sides front and back from the waist down. A pull-on style with side lacings. Can be made Dress Standard (good for weddings or stage) or Combat Standard (made with all seams double reinforced for heavy list fighting). Made of heavy cotton twill. It can be fully reversible to a standard all black side.  Measurements would help for a more accurate fit, if you layer under it for fighting we would need measurements with those items on.  Though our side lacing helps with easy size adjustment.  Grommets come standard black with black cording.  Great for LARPing, SCA, or Knightly Combat. Historically accurate style, or whatever you need.

This is a very customizable item. The average cost is around $195. Your Pricing will vary depending on your needs. 

 We suggest contacting us for further info.  We have a pricing list for you. We can do custom embroideries like Coats of Arms on the chest of this garment, as well as other options. Some Custom work examples are shown. Some are appliqué and some have embroidery as well. Pricing will vary greatly depending on design and needs.