Threads of Time Gift Card
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Threads of Time Gift Card

Want to get someone a gift, but have no idea of their sizes or color preferences?  
Order them a Gift Certificate from Threads of Time!
You can pick your amount and where you'd like it delivered!  

We can issue the Gift Certificate in one of two ways. A Gift Code sent via email for online use, or a physical, hard copy card to gift. 
Please choose your preference when ordering. 

Online Gift Codes are not for use at physical shows. The online code will be a unique code emailed to you. 

For a physical gift certificate, please do the following:
If we are mailing it to the recipient simply fill in the name and address of the person you'd like it sent to in the "Ship to"  section.  We will not include any billing info/credit card number with the Gift Certificate.  Orders with the same name in billing and shipping will have the name line left blank on the gift certificate, for you to fill in.  

IF you wish to redeem a physical Gift Certificate at a show or event WE MUST KNOW BEFOREHAND. If we haven’t received advance notice we will NOT be able to accept the gift certificate at the show.  Thank you for understanding.


Physical Gift Certificates can be redeemed for purchase at our showroom, by appointment. 

There is a $2 processing fee for a physical Gift Card, but no shipping costs. 

We are happy to make accommodations or other unique requests, so please feel free to ask us if you need something different. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 978-531-1485 or email us.