Warwick Coat / Vest
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Warwick Coat / Vest


This dashing, coat-style garment is perfect for the gentleman lord. It is an outstanding choice for weddings, other special events, or if a Lord simply wants to look his best. It features embroidered scrollwork bands on the collar, chest, back, and on the hem in the front only. Closes with clasps for a historic touch. There are splits from the waist down on the sides and in the back for ease of movement. The side seams are solid, with no side lacings, so measurements would be recommended.  Or choose the side lacing option above for more adjustability.  The side lacing has a panel behind it so your shirt won't show through.  Available in your choice of color combinations. 

  • Made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.
  • The body comes standard black. Fabric Color Option is for shoulder panels.
  • Sleeve options are available, they are an additional cost. Sleeves are attached, NOT a tie-on style. 
  • Would you like free color samples of the fabrics? We’d be happy to send you some, just email us your address. 
  • Need Custom Sizing? Just let us know. Most times there is no extra charge for minor adjustments.  Custom sizing is recommended for this garment.  To ensure a proper fit, please give us your measurements. Click here for our measurement form.
  • Also available in a knotwork embroidered version we call the Castle Coat.
  • Our garments are not massed produced.  Each one is handmade to your specifications here in the USA and our quality takes time.  This means it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get your order to you.  July through November orders may run over 10 weeks due to our show schedule.   Occasionally we can manage rush orders or may have items in stock, please contact us before ordering.  Thank you for taking this into consideration when placing your order.

Below is the CURRENT variation with a color band at the hem. This is now the STANDARD look of the garment. 

Sleeve Options: