Babd Dress


This versatile dress/bodice is a perfect addition to any wardrobe.  It is great for any Fantasy or LARP character. Ranges anywhere from foresty woodland fairy to a bad-ass female fighter. Can be worn with chemise and skirts, or a tank top and leggings - or any combination you desire!! 

This garment is fully reversible and features a hood with a keyhole neckline when closed, a drop back point attached skirt, and optional shoulder epaulets.  It is also machine washable!!  All seams are reinforced to withstand any LARP battle.  It has boning by the lacing to stop unseemly bunching. Shoulder epaulets are optional, and an added cost.  Made of solid-colored, heavy cotton twill for a durable and long-lasting garment.  Please choose two colors for the garment, as it is reversible. This garment will fit best if you can give us your bust and waist circumferences, to ensure a proper fit. 

The name Babd comes from Irish mythology. The Badb or Badhbh (Modern Irish, pronounced [ˈbəiv])—meaning "crow"—is a war goddess who takes the form of a crow, and is thus sometimes known as Badb Catha ("battle crow"). She is known to cause fear and confusion among soldiers to move the tide of battle to her favored side. Badb may also appear prior to a battle to foreshadow the extent of the carnage to come or to predict the death of a notable person. She would sometimes do this through wailing cries, leading to comparisons with the bean-sídhe (banshee).

Our Size Chart and Fabric Color Charts are here if you need them. Remember, we can always do Custom sizing!!

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Our garments are not massed produced. Each one is hand-made to your specifications here in the USA and our quality takes time. This means it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get your order to you. July through November orders may run over 8 weeks due to our show schedule. Occasionally we can manage rush orders or may have items in stock, please contact us before ordering. Thank you for taking this into consideration when placing your order.

***Color Disclaimer: Please note that due to screen variations, the color you see may not match the garment exactly. We strive to make our website colors as accurate as possible. However, website colors are approximations of the actual colors and dye lots may vary slightly.