Greetings Theydies and Gentlethems! Welcome to Threads of Time!

To those who choose Non-Binary dress, Cross Dress, or otherwise Dress as they want, Welcome! We here at Threads of Time zjush, we don't judge. (Zjush/zjoosh: To enhance, make lively, or spruce-up.)

You are more than welcome to browse whatever category makes you happy. You can pick whatever sizing you feel works best within that category. But, if possible, we ask that you provide us with your full measurements so we can fit you properly. A measurement chart and list can be provided to you. Or you can come to our workspace in Ma, or Faire Booths to get measured. We want you to have garments that fit properly and make you feel good wearing them!

As always, if you have -any- questions, please feel free to let us know!! Welcome and Happy Browsing!

-The Threads of Time Crew 

"I ADORE the duster and the shirt. They both make me feel like ME, and they FIT. Usually I have to wear men's clothes to not feel a bit disconnected from myself, because Faire/LARP costuming has a tendency to be somewhat gender-binaried, but they also don't fit quite right.

It is a wonderful relief to have a shirt that fits and doesn't restrain my movements but also feels right. I tried the shirt & duster combo with pants and a skirt and they will work admirably for me when I am feeling androgynous but also when I feel femme. The pieces were 100% worth the wait.

- Morgan C”


Lewissa and the team at Threads of Time are my go-to shop for garb. The products are always made with attention to detail and excellent quality and they always make me feel welcome in the shop- no matter if I'm presenting masc, femme, or blended. But my favorite thing is that they take the time to work with me to create the exact outfit I've envisioned, from color selection and styling to their custom measurements that ensure a perfect fit every time.

-Jordan G

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While I am happy to make my clothing/costumes to fit you, I thought I’d give you some resources for the modern day to day wear. I understand how hard it may be to find clothing that fits and supports the look you want. Many of these stores can do custom sizing, and are run by trans and LGBQIA+ individuals. I’m also happy to take your measurements for you, so you can order the appropriate sizes. Hope this helps! If you know of a resource that should be here, please let me know!