These are our available trims for items like our Dusters and Bellacanes.

Please refer to the number next to the trim for your order.

Any questions please drop us an email. 

Trims update.png__PID:f05785ab-42bc-428d-8fca-0aadf37ceb4c
Celtic Knot Trims  Pg 2.PNG__PID:2ded64ef-da0c-4f05-b921-8ecf83ae6f0d
SCROLL  FLOURISH  TRIMS - Misc Page 1.PNG__PID:da0c9f05-3921-4ecf-83ae-6f0d35e28913
SCROLL  FLOURISH  TRIMS - Misc Page 2.png__PID:9f053921-8ecf-43ae-af0d-35e289132343
SCROLL  FLOURISH  TRIMS - Misc Page 3.PNG__PID:39218ecf-83ae-4f0d-b5e2-891323430579
ICONOGRAPGHS  TRIMS - Page 1.PNG__PID:64efda0c-9f05-4921-8ecf-83ae6f0d35e2