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Tired of hiking up your skirt, only to have it fall out every few minutes - or all the pinholes from pinning it to your bodice?
Try our Skirt Keeper!

These are the originals, my husband designed this product several years ago, since then they have been copied by many. Ours are still the best for several reasons. The leather is acrylic sealed to prevent leather dye from getting on your skirt. The rings and rivets are solid brass or nickel-plated brass, this means NO rust stains. And the rings are polished so there are no snags in the fabric of your skirt. Also, the rings are of an appropriate size to keep the fabric from slipping out of the rings.

They can be worn in a multitude of ways as shown above. 

Can also be used to hold scarfs, handkerchiefs, and other items. 

To use the keepers slide your belt through the leather loop. Then pinch a portion of the skirt, next thread the pinched corner of the skirt through the rings like you would on a belt, up through two, down through one. The lower you pinch the higher the skirt will rise.  

Available black or brown leather, with your choice of brass or silver rings. Fits a 2" belt.
Sold in pairs: 2 skirt keepers for $15.