Lil' Huggers Pillows / Dammit Dolls
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Lil' Huggers Pillows / Dammit Dolls


Normally we just do clothing. But I thought we could all do with a bit of fun, and help out a good cause.  We just started making these little doll pillows, calling them Lil’ Huggers. 

They are great for sending a hug to a friend far away (or even down the street).  Or just to add to your personal stuffy collections.  I first made these as Teacher Appreciation gifts for my son’s teachers, so that may be a cute gift idea as well. 

We can do them from any photo you provide.  It can be a photo of you, your favorite Monarch, your avatar, your pet - practically anything.  (don’t want to run into licensing issues - so license-free images only please!) The better quality image you can send, the better the image on the pillow will be.  Please email your image to

There are two doll types. 

Lil’ Huggers - basically a soft squishy pillow with your choice of image on it for hugging. 

Dammit Dolls - stress dolls you wack until the stuffing comes out when you are frustrated. (comes with a cute poem)  If you are doing a Dammit Doll, an X-shaped figure, like the blond doll, works best. 

The Dolls/pillows are roughly 8 to 10” tall depending on the shape of the image you send. The overall shape is also dependent on the image you send unless otherwise arranged. They can even be made with an image on both sides if you have a backside photo ($20 for this version). They are machine washable. The backside will be heavy twill for the Lil’ Huggers, Dammit Dolls will be lighter weight material for easy whacking.  You can choose what color you’d like for the backside. We’re still working on the right amount of stuffing ratios.  

Can be shipped directly to you or your recipient. If sent to a recipient, we will include a note about what the doll is -  Lil' Hugger ("Someone loves you and sent you a hug" ) or Dammit Dol ("Whenever things don't go so well, and you want to hit the wall and yell, here's a little dammit doll, that you can't do without. Just grab it firmly by the leg, give a shout, and wack it until the stuffing comes out" )

The "Deluxe" version, a more conventional pillow shape has a 4" border with mitered corner and a twisted cord piping all the way around. These are bigger - roughly 14" x 16" or so - size will vary depending on your image. 

AND BEST PART YET?????????????

$2 from every doll sale will go to RESCUE. to help support those in the Renaissance Entertainment field who have fallen on tough times and medical emergencies.