Outlander Inspired Outfits
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Outlander Inspired Outfits


We can make outfits similar to those worn in Outlander. 

There are many factors, variations, and needs when it comes to these garments. So we recommend you email us your inquiry. We can help narrow down the specifics and budgets before making the garments. 

Things to consider:

How historically accurate do you want to be? Just like the look, or want to go full kit?

Materials you'd like it in: wool? linen? twill? cotton? 

What colors?

We can use your family tartan if you provide the fabric. The Lady's jacket is reversible, so you can have your tartan on one side, and a solid on the other. 

Sorry, but we don't make kilts. There are plenty of other vendors who do. We can make you everything else though, including the scarves and neck stocks (wraps).