Northman / Viking Tunic aka Nordic Tunic
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Northman / Viking Tunic aka Nordic Tunic


Cool comfort for sultry days, this tunic can be worn tucked in, or out and belted as was traditional to the Vikings and Celts. The shirt style’s history traces as far back as 300BC. Your choice of either long sleeves or short sleeves. The short sleeves offer cool comfort for sultry days, the long sleeves are a more historically accurate style.  A plain, long-sleeve Tunic can be layered under the short sleeves. The neckline has a short '"v" front split with ties for closure. Ties will be in a cotton cord.

Colors: You will need to choose two colors for the shirt, one for the shoulders and one for the body. We will pick a color-appropriate knotwork trim to compliment your chosen colors. If you have specific requirements, please let us know.

Fabrics: This shirt comes standard in a cotton/linen blend fabric.  It can also be done in solid cotton (approx $63 cost), if you so choose, please contact us for options.  Please note - we do NOT stock all the cotton/linen colors all the time - the fabric manufacturer rotates the available colors regularly.  If you need the garment in short order, please contact us for available choices.  You will be contacted if we do not have the colors in stock. You can see color options at the bottom of our Color Chart page: Size and Color Charts  

  • Made of 100% cotton/linen materials and is machine washable - with care!! (Instructions included with order)
  • All shirts are standard 35" in length.
  • Would you like free color samples of the fabric mailed to you?  We'd be happy to send you some, just email us your address! 
  • Need Custom Sizing? Just let us know! Most times there is no extra charge for minor adjustments  To ensure a proper fit, please give us your measurements. Click here for our measurement form. 
  • Our garments are not massed produced. Each one is handmade to your specifications here in the USA and our quality takes time. This means it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get your order to you. July through November orders may run over 10 weeks due to our show schedule. Occasionally we can manage rush orders or may have items in stock, please contact us before ordering. Thank you for taking this into consideration when placing your order.