Wizard House Robes - male and femme
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Wizard House Robes - male and femme


Our take on the House Robes from the Harry Potter movies. We offer two styles. A femme version that is tailored through the waist with a slightly more fitted sleeve and a more classic style - typical of Collegiate robes - that we are referring to as the male version (though it is really unisex).  The garment shown in the picture is our femme version of the House Robes.  We will be posting pictures of the male version, as soon as we can.  The pricing is just for the overgarment - the other clothing items sold separately.  Sorry, we do not carry the striped ties. 

Sorry, but we don't offer house emblem patches or other copyrighted images.  You are more than welcome to purchase a patch, which we can sew onto your order for you (+$5 labor cost). 

All house color combinations can be done. Just let us know what you'd like. Typically we do black for the body, with an accent color for the hood, and sleeves.  We can do other color combinations by request.  Also, if you have any needs or added requests - please feel free to ask!  We make them ourselves, so if you need something like a longer length, or want no hood, or no sleeves, etc - PLEASE ask!  We are happy to accommodate you as best we can. 

Femme Style:  

It has lacing in the back for size adjustability and lacing in the front for a closure.  The two helps take in the waistline for a fitted silhouette, or you can leave hanging open, like in the picture. It comes standard with a hood and full open sleeves.  If choosing the Wand Pocket Option, the wand pocket will be just below the lacing along the front edge.  If choosing Standard Pockets Option - they will be hidden in the side seams at the hips. Fabric used is a washable polyester shantung.  Measurements would be helpful for this fitted garment.  Pictured is the Robe with our Long Bodice, our Waisted skirt and a generic button-up front blouse with a house tie. 

Male / Unisex Style:

This style (no picture yet, sorry) looks more like your classic Collegiate robe - gathered at shoulders, falling straight down, long open sleeves and a loose hood with a two button closure at chest (can be changed or left off if you prefer). Same black fabric body, with lined sleeves and hood in house colors. There are two materials for your fabric options, the polyester shantung, or cotton velveteen.  There is an added cost for the velveteen (+$100).   If choosing the Wand Pocket Option, the wand pocket will be just below the waist along the front edge (if you'd like it higher up at the chest I need to know your wand length - don't want you to stab yourself if you bend over!)  If choosing Standard Pockets Option - they will be hidden in the side seams at about the hips.

Our Size Chart and Fabric Color Charts are here if you need them. Remember, we can always do Custom sizing!!

***Color Disclaimer: Please note that due to screen variations, the color you see may not match the garment exactly. We strive to make our website colors as accurate as possible. However, website colors are approximations of the actual colors and dye lots may vary slightly.